‘The Fortress’ Trailer

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The apocalypse has finally come, and it’s every country for themselves in Collider’s exclusive first look at the US trailer for The Fortress. The Viaplay series will make its North American debut on July 16.

Pet Shop Boys – A new bohemia (Official Video)

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Russell Tovey is a roller-disco daddy in the video for the Pet Shop Boys’ latest single, “A New Bohemia”, reuniting with All Of Us Strangers director Andrew Haigh.

(Video) Russell Tovey and Robert Diament at Graduation | Norwich University of the Arts

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A few wise words from two of this year’s Honorary Professors, Russell Tovey and Robert Diament.

(VIDEO) Art In Conversation with Russell Tovey and Opake @ Fortnum and Mason

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Watch Russell Tovey and Ed ‘Opake’ Worley have a compelling discussion about Ed’s childhood, inspirations and notable achievements at Fortnum and Mason in London.

Russell Tovey to Star in ‘Plainclothes’

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As Variety reports today, Russell Tovey and Tom Blyth have been set as leads in indie movie PLAINCLOTHES from Carmen Emmi who will direct this story which she also wrote. Set in the ’90s and inspired by true events, it

VARIETY – Tom Blyth and Russell Tovey are set to lead “Plainclothes,” a new independent film from writer-director Carmen Emmi. The film, which will shoot in Syracuse, N.Y., is being produced by Arthur Landon, Colby Cote and Eric Podwall on behalf of Page 1 Entertainment and Lorton Entertainment.

Set in the ’90s and inspired by true events, a working-class undercover officer is tasked with entrapping and apprehending gay men, only to find himself drawn to one of his targets.

“Carmen Emmi is one of those unique talents who truly deserves a platform for his creative ingenuity,” producers Cote and Landon jointly tell Variety of Emmi’s directorial debut. “‘Plainclothes’ is a heartfelt story that deals with internal conflict, family and the complexities of sexual identity in the face of societal and personal expectations. We are excited to bring his first screenplay life with this incredible cast.”

Russell Tovey Commends Treat Williams’ Final Performance in ‘Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans’

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TV INSIDER – Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans may focus on the falling out between Truman Capote (Tom Hollander) and the women of New York City’s high society, but the FX anthology series is also the late Treat Williams‘ final onscreen role.

The actor, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in June 2023, takes on the part of Bill Paley, husband to Naomi Watts‘ Babe, who was a close confidante of Capote’s until a fateful turn of events puts them on opposing sides in Ryan Murphy‘s series.

Bill Paley is best known for his contributions to media, particularly as the former executive responsible for building CBS from a small radio network into one of the leading radio and television networks in the United States. But he was also known for his extramarital dalliances, an aspect of his life that is incorporated into the show.

When TV Insider caught up with series star Russell Tovey who plays banker John O’Shea, at the red carpet premiere, the actor couldn’t help but commend Williams’ final performance, lauding the performer’s portrayal of Paley.

“Treat Williams, it’s so horrific that he’s not here,” Tovey lamented. “It’s such an absolute tragedy. And what he does with the character is so beautiful.”

Naomi Watts Says Smoking in ‘Feud: Capote vs. The Swans’ Was ‘Horrible With a Capital H’
Regarding Bill as a person, Tovey admitted, “I think in real life, Bill Paley wasn’t that nice of a guy from what I’ve read.” But despite the pitfalls of the real-life inspiration behind the character, Tovey says of Williams, “I think he plays him so he’s not a bad person… You have empathy for him.”

See Williams’ final performance and Tovey’s compelling portrayal when Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans arrives on FX this winter, and stay tuned for more on the series leading up to its premiere.

‘FEUD: Capote Vs. The Swans’ Trailer

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FX has released the 2 official trailer for Ryan Murphy’s forthcoming “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans.”

“Feud: Capote vs. the Swans” premieres on FX on Jan. 31.

Russell Tovey’s Documentary Life Is Excellent Fills In the Gaps on Queer Art History

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When he was a teenager, Russell Tovey found himself terrified when he flipped on Queer as Folk and saw a scene involving what the Sex and The City girls might call “tushy lingus.” Now, as an adult, you’ll find few other actors as dedicated to exploring all aspects of the gay experience as Tovey. He’s co-starred in HBO’s Looking, the recent leather bar-themed iteration of American Horror Story, and next year he’ll play Truman Capote’s partner in the second season of Feud. On stage, he’s starred in The Laramie Project, the Royal National Theatre’s 2017 production of Angels in America, and, earlier this year, a live reinterpretation of Derek Jarman’s landmark film Blue. But Tovey knows his opportunities to take those roles as an openly gay actor can’t be taken for granted. “I feel such a responsibility to look back at who’s done the work so that I can stand here today and say that I’m gay,” he says. “I feel the utmost respect for the generations involved in activism and protests to earn our rights, get representation, and amplify and encourage more people to be free.”

Outside of his acting work, he’s taken up the cause by championing queer visual artists (mind you, he’s also a serious art collector and has co-hosted the podcast Talk Art with friend Robert Diament for the past five years) with a specific mission of highlighting artist we lost to AIDS. That’s all led to Life Is Excellent, the first full-length documentary produced by WeTransfer’s WePresent platform that follows Tovey as he retraces the life of British artist and poet David Robilliard who died at just 36 in 1988. Tovey talks to Robilliard’s surviving friends, lovers, and frenemies, visits his hangouts, and explores his work, while notables like Bimini Bon Boulash, Princess Julia, and Harry Trevaldwyn appear to recite Robilliard’s poetry.

The documentary is now streaming for free. Below, Tovey talks about why Robilliard’s story fascinated him, watching queer movies as a teen after his mother went to bed, and Andy Warhol’s nude photography.


Russell Tovey Discusses His New Doc Life Is Excellent About Queer Artist David Robilliard

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Entire Q&A with Russell Tovey, director of the new doc Life Is Excellent, about the late queer artist David Robilliard.

Russell Tovey’s Mission to Honor Artists of the AIDS Era

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The out actor uses his art expertise to resurrect the work of lost creators.

HIV Plus Mag: TV viewers may know Russell Tovey as the handsome star of shows like Looking, Years and Years, and American Horror Story: NYC. What many don’t know about the British actor is that for the past two decades he’s been an avid art collector and advocate, with a passion for modern works. As the host of the podcast Talk Art, Tovey and his friend, gallerist Robert Diament, examine the creations of modern legends like Ryan Gander and Zawe Ashton. Tovey’s personal collection of modern art and his deep knowledge of the field has enabled him to curate galleries, festivals, and recently placed him on the jury of Britain’s acclaimed Turner Prize.

So, it’s fitting that file transfer company WeTransfer recently tapped Tovey as their guest curator for their arts endeavor, WePresent, handing Tovey the reins to three projects it bankrolled, all of which touch upon LGBTQ+ subjects and the effect that HIV and AIDS had on them.

The documentary, Life is Excellent, centers on the life and art of David Robilliard, a gay artist and poet who Tovey has long admired and someone who, at the age of 36, died from AIDS complications in 1988. In the film, Tovey calls Robilliard one of the “greatest artists you’ve probably never heard of” and his “hero.” Tovey makes it clear in the film that his goal is to ensure Robilliard’s contributions to the world are not erased by AIDS.

Life is Excellent is streamable on werepresent.wetransfer.com and was shown at a recent free art exhibit that Tovey also helped bring to life. “We Move In Circles” allowed the public to not only learn about Robilliard’s work, but also explored the role of protest T-shirts in the heady days of AIDS. Featuring shirts with designs from another artist lost to AIDS, Keith Haring, and tees emblazoned with messages from ACT UP, as well as British HIV groups like Never Going Underground, the exhibit demonstrates how T-shirts served as a “universal canvas for protest, and reminds visitors that narratives from the AIDS crisis are as present as ever as AIDS continues to affect so many around the world,” WePresent announced in a statement. Iconic pieces of gay literature were also present at “We Move in Circles,” which took place in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. Earlier in 2023, Tovey and WePresent staged four live performances of Blue Now, a modern, live take on Derek Jarman’s 1993 film Blue. The film’s title derived from the gay filmmaker’s struggle with HIV-induced onset blindness, which only allowed him to see in shades of blue; Jarman died a year after the film was released.

Tovey expresses deep gratitude for WePresent’s contributions to reviving some of the greatest works from HIV-positive artists.

“This collaboration with WePresent underscores our shared commitment to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities,” Tovey said in a statement. “Through our year-long exploration, we’ve commemorated artists like Derek Jarman and David Robilliard, with the goal to ensure their significant contributions to culture can resonate with a new generation. I am thrilled that, together, we’re able to honor incredible queer art history and help bring it to new audiences around the world.”

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